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Details Globalization-From-Below-Transnational-Activists-And-Protest-Networks-Social-Movements-Protest-And-Contention-Band-26

Globalization from Below When violence broke out at the demonstrations surrounding the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa, Italy, the authors of this book were there. The protests proved to be a critical moment in the global justice movement. Presenting the ...

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Details Protest-a-Dark-Anniversary

CD: Masters Of The Hemisphere,Protest A Dark Anniversary

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Details Protest-Songs-Blu-Spec-Cd2

Prefab Sprout - Protest Songs [Japan LTD Blu-spec CD II] SICP-30403

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Details HereUnder-Protest-Vinyl-LP

Swingin Utters: Here, Under Protest LP - Vinyl-LP im 12"-Format (30,48 cm Durchmesser), herausgegeben 2011 in USA von Fat Wreck Chords (FAT754-1), Barcode: 751097075418 -- Genre: Punk Nordamerika

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Details Anti-Disciplinary-Protest-Sixties-Radicalism-and-Postmodernism

Anti-Disciplinary Protest This 1998 book is an analysis of sixties radicalism and its impact on contemporary politics and theory. Full description

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Details Protest-with-Chinese-Characteristics-Demonstrations-Riots-and-Petitions-in-the-Mid-Qing-Dynasty

Protest with Chinese Characteristics Reviewing nearly one thousand instances of protest in China from the eighteenth to the early-nineteenth centuries, Ho-fung Hung charts an evolution of Chinese dissent that stands apart from Western trends. Hung ...

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Details Poetics-Politics-Protest-in-Arab-Theatre-The-Bitter-Cup-and-the-Holy-Rain

Poetics, Politics and Protest in Arab Theatre Highlights the merit of the Syrian playwrights, Durayd Lahham and Muhammad al-Maghout, whose plays are representative of the Arab theatrical realisation, in general, and Syrian protest plays, in particular ...

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Details Ethik-und-Protest-Ergnzungsband-Tabellen-und-Methoden-German-Edition

Dieser Band enthält Tabellen und Methodendarlegungen zur Untersuchung über Ethik und Protest, Moralbilder und Wertkonflikte junger Menschen. Die hier aufgeführten Ta­ bellen sind in dem Buch gleichen Titels zitiert. Dieser Ergänzungsband lädt ...

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Details Urban-Protest-in-Seventeenth-Century-France-The-Culture-of-Retribution

Urban Protest in Seventeenth-Century France An original contribution to the comparative study of crowds, urban power, and absolutism. Full description

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Details Beyond-Control-A-Mutual-Respect-Approach-to-Protest-Crowd-Police-Relations

[{ Beyond Control: A Mutual Respect Approach to Protest Crowd-Police Relations By Redekop, Vern Neufeld ( Author ) Apr - 01- 2010 ( Hardcover ) } ]